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Just Dumbbells I - Full Body
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The Just Dumbbells I series builds off the Beginner Dumbbells by increasing sets, adding cardio, and utilizing more complex exercises. These versatile workouts can be used to get a complete workout anywhere you can find dumbbells and a small amount of space. Just Dumbbells I Full Body challenges you to burn fat and build muscles by performing a lot of reps at a fast pace, including exercises that target multiple muscle groups at the same time. (When selecting your weight for the first time, please remember that we mean it when we say Igor likes a lot of reps.) We suggest you include into your workout week the other routines from the Just Dumbbells I series: Chest & Triceps, Back & Biceps, and Legs & Shoulders.

If you are new to dumbbells, we recommend that you try the Beginner Dumbbells series, which includes: Full Body, Chest, Back & Arms, and Legs & Shoulders.

* You should have a spotter during the weight lifting sections of the routine. As with all of our workouts, you should take the exercises at your own pace; the heavier the weights and the faster the reps, the harder the exercise becomes. For a lower impact workout, reduce the weights and/or the number of reps.

Equipment: Dumbbells and a bench.

Just Dumbbells I - Full Body



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