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In Home - Arms 2
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Our In Home 2 series uses resistant bands to strengthen your stabilizer muscles while toning, and all routines can be done at home or on the road. In Home – Arms 2, Igor has you perform two different types of curls targeting your biceps, and several different exercises for your triceps.

Use the In Home 2 Series routines individually, or combine two each workout day, choosing from Back, Chest, Legs, and Shoulders from our In Home 2 series. They’re so quick you can get in a workout even if you only have 8-12 minutes to work out.

As with all of our workouts, you should take the exercises at your own pace; the heavier the band strength and the faster the reps, the harder the exercise becomes. For a lower impact workout, reduce the band strength and/or the number of reps.

Equipment: Resistant bands and a chair (exercise mat optional).

In Home - Arms 2


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