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8 Weeks Bye, Bye Butt
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Welcome to Bye, Bye Butt! has designed this program to be easy to follow from the calendar, easy to locate and download the right workouts, and easy to work out alongside Igor. Download the clickable two-month calendar (PDF document), which will guide you through the whole program day by day. The routines that you will need for the next 8 weeks are all listed below in the "Related Videos" section in the order you will need to download them.

This program was developed for the person looking for a program that targets the lower half without taking too much of their day. Bye, Bye Butt is perfect for the person with or without a gym membership. Igor and’s Training Team has designed this program to be a strength and cardio rollercoaster ride for your body. The routines that you will be working out with over the next 8 weeks all target your glute muscles in someway, you are only 8 weeks from a firmer butt.

As with all of our workouts, we recommend that you scan through your workout once before trying it out. Remember to take the exercises at your own pace; the heavier the weights and the faster the reps, the harder the exercise becomes so reduce the weights and/or the number of reps for a lower impact workout. As with all workout programs diet and exercise go hand-in-hand when you are looking for the best results possible. has eliminated the guessing game when it comes to selecting the right exercises and routines; all you need to do now is stick with the program.

Equipment: Kettlebell and exercise ball (an exercise mat is optional).



8 Weeks Bye, Bye Butt



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